Airsoft GI Full Metal Desert MOE Special OPS SPR AEG Airsoft Rifle (Custom)

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If you are looking for a top of the line gun that is capable of extremely long ranges and dead on shots, then you can stop here. Every piece of this gun from the rail system to the stock improves the users ability to employ this gun efficiently. Let's start with the stock, the Magpul PRS stock solves the problems of the two main types of stocks used, the full style stock and the retractable LE style stock. While both stocks do have their advantages they both fall short in multiple areas. For example, the full stock has no modular features while the LE style stock does have modular features but tends to be wobbly under pressure which may knock your shot off. The PRS stock provides the user with a extremely stable shot each and every time, on top of the stability of the PRS stock, the PRS stock can also be adjusted in many ways for maximum user comfort and efficiency. Moving up the gun to the receiver, since G&P was chosen for this build, the receiver could not be of higher quality. The entire receiver is constructed using high quality aluminum which attributes to this guns lightweight feel while still keeping the gun durable and strong. G&P takes extreme attention to detail in all of their parts and that is clear when looking at this gun. The lower receiver features a recessed Magpul Logo on the right side of the gun and recessed trademarks on the left side of the receiver. The fire selector features color-filled fire controls making it easy visible to the user, even in low light conditions. The trigger guard is one piece making it nearly indestructible and impossible to wobble. A Magpul pistol grip is also featured on this gun making it extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Moving to the front end of the gun you will notice the longer then average rail system. The Daniel Defense M4a1 RIS 2 is one the highest quality two piece rail systems on the market, there is literally no wobble or flex what so ever with this rail system. The reason for the longer design is two part. First and foremost, more rail space gives you more room to mount accessories, such as flashlights, vertical grips, optics, lasers, PEQ boxes, Bipods, or anything else you would need on a SPR. The longer rail system also allows the user to mount a vertical grip or Bi-Pod further on the rail system therefore increasing the guns controllability and stability. Inside the rail system is a 16" Madbull outer barrel which is rock solid and holds the Bravo 407mm inner barrel and keeps it extremely stable while firing. The SureFire barrel extension is purely for cosmetic purposes and serves no performance enhancing purposes. The Desert MOE Special OPS SPR will certainly not disappoint any caliber of airsoft player, from its exquisite looks to its high performing internals, the Desert MOE Special OPS SPR is a true head turner.

Manufacturer: Airsoft GI
Model: Desert MOE Special OPS SPR Airsoft Gun
Muzzle Velocity:400-410
Magazine Capacity: 120
Color: Tan
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, SureFire Barrel extension

Custom built in house by Frank the head tech
G&P Magpul MOE Carbine
Bravo inner barrel 407mm
Magpul PRS Stock
Magpul PTS front sight
Daniel Deffense M4a1 RIS 2
Sure Fire 6.75 barrel extension
Madbull outer barrel 16"

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