Airsoft GI G4 .25g 1Kg 4000 ct. BBs 3 Bag Special (White)
[15383 / P01-005]

Item Details

3 Bag BB Special

The Airsoft GI G4 Airsoft 0.25g are a high quality, high polished spherical ball bullet. Made in Taiwan, these G4 BBs have less then 0.01mm deviation in each BB therefore a consistent shot is easily attained. While most BBs will have as much as a 0.05 deviation (+/-), some can have as much as a 0.10 deviation! This will hamper the BBs performance greatly in terms of flight patch and deviations in FPS as well. For the price of this bundle, you can load up more on superior quality BBs for less than buying slightly less quality BBs at normal price.

Manufacturer: Airsoft GI
Color: White
Dimensions: 5.95mm
Quantity: 4000 rounds per bag
Design: All electric guns, spring guns, gas guns


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